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Cooperativa Ingenieros D-8

Cayma, Arequipa, Peru


These dates are our goals. Of course, none of these are set in stone, but we'd like to shoot for them.

Arrived in Arequipa

Dec. 16, 2015

2nd home assignment in the US November 2020-March 2021

Left for language school in Costa Rica

Dec 2014 -December 2015

Prayer Requests

May 2017- First Saturday night service in Ciudad de Dios for adults.

Nov. 2017-April 2018 1st home assignment in the states

Begin 14 week discipleship program for kids 7-14 yrs. Jan 13, 2019

6/19/19-  Praise the Lord for the graduation of 31 students from our 12 week discipleship program!  Please pray for growth in the new students who began the 12 week study and will be finishing up in a few weeks.  Pray for God to reach the hearts of those in the community who are searching for hope yet are still entangled in the things of this world (ie work, money, alcoholism etc...) Pray for Jason as he counsels and pastors this small group of believers. 

02/06/19-Please continue to pray for those attending the Saturday night services. Pray for at least one more couple to dedicate their lives to the church in Ciudad de Dios as church planters.  Praise the Lord for the growth we are seeing in the children's program on Sundays!  Last week we had 39 kids (14 of those not able to participate in the official discipleship program because they don't read yet so I get to teach them about God's great love!) Continue to pray for the Youth of the community... we see slow growth in this area yet there are still so many to reach. 

01/15/19- Please pray for the Saturday night services, for the women and men attending to grow in their faith in the Lord.  Also for the 14 week discipleship program we are doing with the youth of the church.  Pray for the new attendees to truly know the love of the Lord through our team and the Word.  Pray for the teens of the community, that they would recognize their need for a relationship with the Lord.

07/09/2016- Please continue to keep our kids in your prayers as well as the ministry in Ciudad de Dios.  We hope to restart the knitting workshop soon and also to start up some after school activities during the week. 

05/04/16-  We are spending this month praying about future ministry options in the area of Ciudad de Dios.  Please pray for the Lord's direction in what we choose to take on and that the people there could be reached with the Gospel.


10/30/15-  We are nearing the end of our time here in Costa Rica and preparing to go to the field in Peru.  Please pray that we would finish well with our schooling as well as transition well in Peru.  Pray for housing for our teammates who are giving up their home of 15 years to our family as wll as safety in all our moves.  Pray for the kids also as they prepare to say goodbye to friends and begin a new school year in March in a new school.


03/14/14 - Pray for our family as we continue to adjust to life here in Costa Rica.  Also, please pray that we would be diligent in our studies.  We are currently more than half way through our first trimester.


12/16/14 - Praise God for how He has provided.  We have received clearance for the field.  Please pray as we prepare to leave on December 30th!


11/12/14 - Pray that God would give us wisdom as we look to him for direction.  


09/29/14 - Pray that God would provide the remainder of our prayer and financial support to that we can                         depart for language school in January

Support Status

Monthly Support - 93%

Prayer Support - 85 of 100