Mid-Term Already!?!?!?!?

This past Friday we had meetings with our professors to evaluate our mid-trimester progress. How in the world did time fly so quickly??? With all the normal everyday happenings PLUS classes and afterschool activities time surely has gone quickly! People ask if we are absolutely LOVING everything about being here in Costa Rica and while we can mostly say yes, there are a few things which we miss about Salem: mainly our family, friends, and church! The kids miss their school and friends there too! However, all in all we are doing very well.

Andrew, our precious little man, is almost 15 months old. He LOVES going to class with Lizbet every morning while Jason and I attend classes. Andrew claps, walks, blows kisses, throws balls (and food), eats anything he gets his hands on and is pretty much always happy. Some fellow students don't believe us when we say he gets fussy occasionally!

Evelyn continues to be a bit timid around others but is beginning to open up to our neighbors. Just last night she actually spoke in Spanish to a neigbor lady when spoken to first. Evie is attepmting to learn how to do cartwheels and of course enjoys swinging during recess and whenever we go to the park! She is an excellent student and enjoys learning to read, write, and speak in English AND in Spanish!

Nathan, as always, loves to spend every free moment playing and building with his Legos. It's hard to believe he will be 8 in just a little more than a month. He is beginning to use the Spanish that he's been learning mainly to get what he wants from people (but hey it's a start!)!!!! Nathan's also beginning to grow in his soccer abilities though when calling for a friend to pass him the ball he still puts his hands up for the catch! :)

Last Friday Jason was able to play basketball with 3 other "gringos" in the park against some local Costa Ricans ("Ticos") Gringos vs Ticos was hardly fair and well let us just say the Ticos would probably win a soccer game vs the gringos just was well as the gringos beat them in basketball!

I am also doing well. Cooking, cleaning, caring for the kids and homework pretty much make up my days but I do get to enjoy time with other ladies during Bible study and in the parks while the kids play! As a family we had the opportunity to take school supplies to a local orphanage run by a Christian couple. They currently have about 45 kids living in their home total. It was a great chance for our kids to see the reality of orphans around the world and this was in a very nice home for the kids.

I look forward to the day we finally make it to the beach!!! Perhaps sometime soon we will make it there; although I know it won't be this coming weekend as we have a guest staying with us from Mexico! If you ever feel like writing us or sending a package we love to get mail! A simple note can be such an encouragement on a tough day and tends to lifts the spirits of the entire family! Blessings on you all!


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