Some "Pensamientos" from July... (yeah, I know, it's a little slow in coming!)

Back in July Jason's parents came to visit us here in Costa Rica, well actually we met up in Panama because we had to renew our visas once again and Dan's sister and brother-in-law (Jason's Aunt and Uncle) live there... Then we all travelled back here to Costa Rica together. I digress.... during the majority of the time that they were here I was extremely sick with some sort of stomach virus (we think)... I couldn't eat or hardly function at all... it was terrible. Here are some thoughts from that time as well as a few thoughts from when I was able to take a white water rafting trip with some of the students from our school.

Some thoughts from my time being sick: At times we work so hard and press on so long without taking a time out to rest and be still before our Lord. It’s so easy to get busy with the duties of school and home that we neglect to care for ourselves. That’s where I found myself. I was exhausted yet I HAD to keep going, at least I thought I did. My in-laws were coming to visit, I couldn’t AFFORD or ALLOW myself to be sick. HOWEVER, God had a different plan for my week, I got ill… so ill that my teacher clearly remembers me being a different person than normal. She told me just today that my eyes couldn’t seem to focus and I couldn’t remember simple phrases that I had known before. I was overloaded with information and my body was shutting down. Wednesday I went to school but by the break (9:15) it was clear to me that I needed to go home. I was home around 9:30, laid down and have very little memory of the next 2.5 days. Saturday when I woke up I felt like an entirely different person. By Monday I had my energy back and was eager to learn. No longer was I overwhelmed by the MOUNTAINS of language information but I was ready to tackle it and it all made so much more sense. I was just like the sheep that God made to lay down by green pastures, I was made to rest, to pray, to spend time in the Word while everyone else in the house were probably wondering if I needed to go to a doctor. The only problem was my stomach, I couldn’t eat and I had NO strength to get up and work. I read, wrote some e-mails, and prayed for about 3 days straight and WOW what a difference it made!

I wonder sometimes why it is that God chose to make me lay down while my in-laws were here… of all times! Jason was amazing, he cooked, cared for the kids and helped his mom keep our home clean and livable while I was down for the count. Since getting better I have tried to implement time out to care for myself before I am forced down again!

One weekend as you may have seen on my facebook page Jason allowed me to go white water rafting with a group from the school while he cared for the kids! I had an amazing time of refreshment being out in God’s creation. I was yet again reminded of how God guides us through this life just as our rafting guide gave us instructions to get safely to the other side of the rapids. Throughout our lives there are times when everything seems calm and peaceful… it is in those times that we can begin to take our attention away from the guide (from the Lord) but then in those times when we’re in the midst of trials or storms (or rapids) we listen attentively. If I had not been listening to the river guide I would not have seen some of the amazing wildlife that we saw. I wouldn’t have had the chance to hear HIS story, his dreams and desires, to be able to pray for him. I thank God for his creation that reminds me of the way He shepherds His sheep in John 10, listen to the voice of your shepherd, take time and listen. It’s such a blessing when we do!

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