Lessons in Patience

Learning to appreciate a lesson in patience is never easy. At times everything here takes longer than we feel it should. For example, driving about 5 miles across town can take up to 45 minutes thanks to the insanity of traffic. (Yes you probably could ride your bike faster than that.) With that being said the one and only “DMV” (Ministerio de Transportes)in the entire city is on that other side of town. We finally received Jason’s drivers license yesterday after making 15 trips to and from the DMV. That equates to about 22.5 hours in buses and countless hours at the actual “DMV” attempting to pass the exam first of all then waiting for the actual card once the exam was passed. Yes, patience and grace were required in order for us to sanely walk through the process and I wasn’t even with Jason all those trips! (I think I went 5 times with him.) In the midst of all this though we were able to make the most of our time. We had “meetings” during our trips, we took advantage of the fact that there was a mall close to the ministerio and took a couple breakfast/coffee dates to build up our relationship with one another. We prayed together, laughed together, and vented our frustrations to one another. We now know how to get around that area of town on foot and in bus. (A perk for when our new team mates get here hopefully in August 2017)!

However, in light of where we live this all seems frivolous. I feel like this is a lesson that I shouldn't have needed to learn. That being said I want to share a little about what we're doing and seeing out in our ministry site.

Ministry out in Ciudad de Dios is going slowly but surely. We have seen progress in the construction and have begun making plans for future ministry opportunities. One is to restart the knitting workshops that had to be let go due to lack of funding and support. About 6 weeks ago a woman came in during the Sunday school lesson. She asked for prayer as her husband had left (again) and she didn’t know when he would come back (he came back that next week). She has 3 kids under the age of 2 and that day made a decision to follow Jesus with her life. This young woman makes money by selling jello to motorists on the busy road. As we have been told this is a dangerous job and never ends well. We would like to help her out as she is able to sew and possibly even knit which means starting up the knitting workshop providing her work that is safer and a loving environment for her kids to be in while she works. Pray for volunteers to care for young children during Sunday services, workshops and also any other ministry events.

This sweet woman is just one of many in the community that see no options but try their best to make ends meet. PRAY, Pray, PRAY for us and the team to have wisdom in equipping and discipling the men and women of Ciudad de Dios.

22.5 hours in traffic suddenly doesn't seem so bad when I think of the life this woman lives and the struggles she has had. Please pray for growth in her faith and that we as a team will be able to encourage her in her walk with Christ. She is hungry to study and learn more about Christ.

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