Who We Are





Jason grew up in Salem, OR in a Christian home and was raised in the church.  He loves his job as husband and dad.  He is a graduate of Western Baptist College (Corban) and spent three summers doing camp ministry with children at Canyonview Camp in Silverton, OR.  God has been growing in him a desire to see the “good news” of the gospel of Jesus Christ be proclaimed throughout the nations.  He also desires to see discipleship and spiritual maturity occurring in the local church. Over the past 4 years Jason has grown in leadership skills as the official pastor of the church plant in Ciudad de Dios, a role he never expected to have. 

He enjoys all things numbers, sports, music and board games.  He will also never pass up a good bike ride.



Sarah also grew up in Salem, OR in a Christian home and was raised in the church.  She too is a graduate of Western Baptist and spent five summers doing camp ministry at Canyonview.  She is a loving and caring mother of our three kids.  She will be homeschooling both Nathan and Evelyn starting this coming March.  Ever since the age of 7, she has felt God's leading on her life to share the gospel cross culturally. Sarah helps out in the ministry where ever she is needed be it in the under 6 class, kitchen crew, or with the women.

She enjoys music, spending time with and caring for her friends, taking a hike out in God's creation, and curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book.



Nathan has always been an active and creative boy. Born in 2007 he is our oldest and is now desiring more freedom and independence!  He loves reading all books having to do with animals, would like to be a zoologist when he's grown and continues to enjoy Legos, Nerf guns and basketball.  The hardest part for him being here would be the distance from his best friends that he had in the states.  It was so fun to see him with them during our home assignment last year!



Evelyn is a beautiful girl! Evie was born in 2009 and is a blessing to our family! She loves to learn, dance, do crafts, sing and many other activities daily. Evelyn is also a great helper around the house whether it's with her litter brother or cooking with our house helper.  She loves the climate of Arequipa (mid 70's and sunny everyday!) but says it is difficult to be so far away from her extended family. Evie has adapted well to both the language and culture of Peru and has many Peruvian friends. Evelyn would like to be either a writer or a pilot when she is grown.


Andrew is our precious little guy born in 2013.  We left the states when Andrew was only 1 so in reality he is the most "latino" of us all!  He switches back and forth between Spanish and English without a problem and will be entering kindergarten in March.  He is a friend to almost everyone he meets but is still very much mom's little cuddle buddy. Andrew loves to play with his siblings in whatever they are doing... it doesn't matter whether it's Legos or dolls he just wants to spend time with them.  Andrew has always loved music, especially drums and has aspirations of being a "taxi driver" when he grows up.  (I'm thinking the taxi driver desire may change though!)